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Ghost Generations

A young woman, the last of a long family line, visits the burial place of her ancestors, only to be met by their spirits as they come together to discuss the guilts, loves and mistakes of their lifetimes. A mystery surrounds the body of a child buried long before that fated meeting, separated from the burial grounds of the majority of the family. Who was the child? Why is he buried alone? A sad story, told simply and with respect, covering many aspects of human life over the decades of each generation. It covers emotions and events such as death, funeral arrangements, family bonds, love, hate, murder, lesbianism, woman's rights and surviving life in changing times.

Blood Bride

The Vapirian are an old race, older than humans. They are not Vampires, although their culture has left reminders behind that gave birth to many of the vampire legends known on Earth. The planet Vapir is a dimly lit world under a violet sky, a blue sun and a buttercup-yellow moon. The journey to Earth takes a little over a year but is considered to be a very important part of the Vapir culture. The people of Vapir are not able to bear female children, so when a young man reaches maturity at one hundred years of age; he goes to Earth to search for a Bride.

Eden's Truth

This book will probably anger the scientists ... and to the archaeologists, I humbly ask their forgiveness as they fill in the blanks and correct my errors in their own minds. To the religious people, this book may possibly upset them so that they may wish revenge. To them I only ask that they open their minds and accept the truth as it is written. The story is based on real people in real times past, and written down to the best of my ability, as I remember it. The story is written to finally bring science and religion together, as I explain Eden's Truth with the true story of the Garden of Eden.


Superstitious Nonsense

"Superstitious nonsense" is an expression that is usually declared before someone is proven wrong by fate, the gods or nature. Immerse yourself in this astonishing collection of 13 spine-chilling stories of 13 well-known superstitions. Each story is an extraordinary, hair-raising tale that will cause the reader to wonder..."What if...?"

Being Out Of Body

After a near-death experience, Jane Elizabeth Doherty acquires the ability to leave her body while she sleeps. During her sleep travels, Jane meets two little girls. When one of the girls goes missing, Jane finds herself on the trail of a serial killer, stalking him in her dreams. Jane is able to watch him when he abducts women and girls and sees him kill, but is unable to interfere or help while she is out of body. She joins forces with Detective Sergeant Jason Priestly. Together, using his skill as a policeman and her skill with dreams, they try to stop a madman's murder spree.

Being Out Of Words

Publishers are dying, one by one. Their throats have been slit, their chests cut open and their hearts torn out. The dark killer, nicknamed The Bookmark Killer, leaves complimentary bookmarks in his victims' chests, replacing their missing hearts. Fiction writer, Jane Elizabeth Doherty (AKA Jane Doe), teams up with Detective Sergeant Jason Priestly to try to stop the serial killer that preys on the elite of the publishing world.

Being Out Of Time

Coming Soon

Heart and Soul: A collection of poems by Susan May Gudge

"Heart and Soul: A collection of poems by Susan May Gudge" is a complete collection of the poetic works of Internationally known Fiction writer, Susan May Gudge. This compilation contains thirty-three short poems straight from her heart and her soul, messages shared with you for your heart and your soul.


I read, therefore I am.


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