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Ok, people, lets get one thing straight; I am not a techie. For those that have written recently with comments such as ‘your blog loads too slow’ or ‘the RSS does not load right’ or ‘is your server ok’…all I can say is ‘Sucks to be you.’

It is not that I don’t care about you as a person or people, I just don’t know or care that much about computer operations. I am a writer, not a computer wiz. This blog is not being written to sell my books, although each and every sale is appreciated and every wonderful comment makes me want to hug the reader. So, if it does not work exactly right, I did my best. This blog is just a collection of random thoughts, a look inside my head, so to speak. If you can read it, maybe all of it, then I just hope you enjoy it. That is all I ask. If you wish to tell me I am wonderful, amazing, extraordinary, fantastic, interesting, or anything else, you will be my friend for life. I’m easy.

If you wish to complain, or give me tech advice, just know that I do not care. There is a complaint department in my house but the cat will not listen to you. The dog will not listen to you. The bird will not listen to you. The turtle will not listen to you. The goldfish will not listen to you. You see, they love me and just wish you did too. So, if you have something nice to say, I will be sure to pass on the message here in the blog. If you have something bad to say, I may print it out for the bird to use at the bottom of his cage (he is not picky about what he poops on) but that is as far as it will get. If you are having trouble getting pages or any other tech problem with my blog, then I repeat ‘Sucks to be you’

To all the others, I thank you for your kind words and ego boosting comments. It is you that makes my work worthwhile.


Susan May Gudge

About Susan May Gudge

Susan May Gudge is a writer of fiction books. Born and raised in Montreal, she writes in an eccentric way that is sure to interest anyone that is interested in fiction. For more information on this writer, please visit her webpage at
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