Life just hasn’t been the same since they removed poor Pluto’s status as a planet. I think it is time that we, the people of Earth, demand our Pluto be given back its Planet status. People all over the world mourn the demotion of our beloved Pluto. It was like when they removed the planet status, Pluto died. This cannot be!

“Well because it is not in the same plane as the other planets, it has an eccentric orbit, and there are other large asteroids that have similar orbits… it just was an accident of history that somebody spotted it earlier than the others” “There ya have it” Yup, that is the science part and I totally get it….but the heart…the heart…the heart says Pluto is a Planet and exists!!! Science be damned, give us back our Pluto.

Therefore, I think I will start a petition with this posting. Raise your fist in the air and scream that you will not allow our Pluto to be abused in this manner. Raise your voices and be heard.  Let the bigwigs hear your plea to give us back our planet with the cute name!


I, (yell out your name), here solemnly sign/adhere to the following Petition:

Reinstate Pluto to Planet status immediately.

*Post comment to add your name to this very important Petition!


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