Child Labour

I sometimes wonder what is wrong with the thinking of humans. No surprise, humans do interpret laws or change them to adjust to their way of thinking rather than do what is right. I am talking about child labour laws.

Although it is considered ‘wrong’ to send children to work, there are so many exceptions to the laws that the children are still out there working. I will only mention a few of the instances but they are biggies.

Our countries have a fascination with fame. Due to this fascination, children are looking for that fame and many are pushed into it by so called ‘well meaning’ parents. Their defense is that the child wants to do it. Well, children want to do a lot of things. It does not make it right. The fact is, children should NOT be working, at least before 16 years of age (or later would be preferable).  Ok we cannot send children into the mines or factories anymore but has it gotten any better? Children should NOT be permitted to work in theatre, films, magazines, etc. Yet, it is permitted. No matter how you look at it, it is a job…ask any adult model or actor if it is work or play. Oh yes, they have all kinds of rules now about how long they can work or how often they can work or how their money is managed. That still does not make it right. Children should not work, period.

Many young people work as child care, babysitters. Why would anyone trust a 13 or 14 year old child to watch over their children? How can they say that paying a 14 year old money to watch their children is safe just because they are being paid? Yes, I did work in such work when I was a child. (I cared for 6 children in one family, aged 2 months old to 10 yrs old…I was 13-15 yrs old… for 2 years, for the huge pay of $1 per hour. 2 of the boys slipped out a window once and were captured by a taxi driver as I chased them down the street, leaving the other 4  alone. One boy hid a burning cigar under his pillow, burning the pillow and bed, when I walked into their bedroom to check up on them. Oh, the horror stories I could tell you!). Was I capable? No, not really, although I did my best. My brain and any young brain is not even properly formed yet to make proper decisions until approximately 19 years of age. Some will say that their child is ‘more developed’ or ‘more mature’ but they are just fooling themselves. Science has proven that this is NOT the case. What if something goes wrong. It is bad enough that an Adult would have to live with the consequences of an accident perhaps causing death without putting that on a child for the rest of his or her life, for a few dollars. Get real people.

Children are also entered into Beauty Contests or Calendar Contests. Prizes are awarded. First off, children should not be wearing as much make-up as they do in these competitions but that is another problem. (Children should be demanded to wipe off that make-up…any make-up…for school or social gatherings). They are too impatient to grow up. Secondly, it is a form of gambling, using a child to earn money or fame. It is just plain wrong. What happened to the ‘rule’ that in order to gamble or join contests they must be over 18 years of age. Thirdly, what about the losers. Healthy competition is one thing, judgement on beauty is another. How many children suffer damage because they were ‘not good enough, not pretty enough’. Maybe I am wrong but I do not consider ‘parental permission’ a good enough reason to put children into this field of labour. Wrong is wrong…let the children be children.

It is time to buck-up and admit we have a problem. It is time to change the laws completely so that NO child has to work. It is time to stand up for the rights of children to be a child and not a fake adult. It is bad enough that they will have to work for the rest of their lives, let them have that first 16 years to concentrate on their education and their personal improvement without the stress of a job.

What can we do about it? Probably nothing. And THAT is a very, very sad fact.



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Power Off

I am sitting here, very deep in thought. It is too hot really to do much else than think. We are officially on the 4th day of a heatwave. Here in Canada, the rule is that if the temperatures go over 30 celcius for 3 days running, it is a heatwave.

(30 celcius x 2 + 32 = 92 Fahrenheit)

I have the Air Conditioner on and 2 small fans running and yet it is still about 85F in the house. That got me to thinking while I listen to the noise that is equivalent to 6 planes taking off from an airport. What if we had no power? What if all electrical gadgets stopped working and the bunny dies leaving no batteries charged?  What if clouds cover the sky so thick that solar panels cannot work and there is not a breath of air to turn those huge fans that make power? What if  oil and gas turn to stone?

The last case might be a good one. Our fighting men could finally come home. No oil to fight about. But what would they come home to? Walk around your house or apartment and see all the things that could not work if there was no power.

Imagine no HD TV (I heard you gasp). Imagine no video games (throw some water on that young man. I think he fainted). Imagine no AC, no microwave, no fridge and stove. There are a hundred items we have gotten so used to we don’t even notice them anymore. Walk down to the river for water, because the pumps don’t work. Start digging a septic tank, because the toilets won’t flush.

I think the people that live hundreds of years ago were better survivors that we are. We are spoiled. Half of us would not know how to survive without our power tools and luxury electrical items.

So remember, when the heat hits and you are sweating like a pig (do pigs sweat?), before you complain and moan and groan walking from your air conditioned homes to your air conditioned cars to drive to your air conditioned stores to get air conditioned food to pack in a lunch to take to your air conditioned office……It could be worse!

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I am looking for a new literary agent that can get me a contract for my new release, which is not yet released, with Random House, because I feel they are the best.

The new agent must be able to put up with my eccentricities. The new agent must never wake me before noon. The new agent must get me book signing engagements or speaking engagements and then hold my hair afterwards while I vomit due to nerves (the new agent is not required to clean up).

The new agent must always ensure that at meetings, signings or speeches, the coffee is always flowing. If the new agent wishes to cut my grass or shovel my driveway every week, it would be appreciated but not required.

If you are who I am looking for, drop me a line!

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Mordecai Richler

Susan May Gudge Dream CatcherLong ago, 1974, we were ‘forced’ to read Kravitz in my last year of highschool. I loved it (strange child that I was, I always loved the books I read while other students moaned and groaned about having to read). By chance, they were filming the movie in my city, so my teacher took the whole class to see the process. Some of us were ‘hired’ as extras (I think I was paid 50$ for that). I blah-blahed seated in a restaurant at a table behind who I thought was William Shatner and only realized many years later that it was Richard Dreyfus. I even saw Jaws and had no idea it was the same man. Silly me!

I never did get to see the movie. I know I have wondered if I they kept that scene or if I was even actually in it. Recently, June 2011, Montreal has decided to erect a statue in the honour of Mordecai Richler and it has started me thinking I should actually get that movie and take a look at it…37 years late.

I am an english writer in Quebec, so this is wonderful news. To have a statue erected for a writer, regardless of language, is an honour and a real surprise. It is nice they are turning away from political and war statues and are instead putting up statues for the ‘Arts’

Mordecai Richler, January 27, 1931 – July 3, 2001
Author, essayist, screenwriter
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Telephone Addiction

We had a few days of intense heat and humidity. They were those kind of days where you don’t want to do anything but lie around. Finally, there was a bit of rain and the temperature broke, leaving us with a really beautiful summer night.

Doing a bit of landscaping, I saw a family walking down the road. I thought to myself; How nice, a family out for an evening walk together. As they drew closer, I could see that, although they were together in a group, they were all occupied with other things. The adults were each talking on telephones and the two children were texting, or so it seemed. Each of them had a glazed, disconnected look on their faces. It was like they each walked alone and none saw the other next to them. It was a bit spooky.

The world has become a smaller place because of technology, but the neighbourhoods have become enormous. I do not mean land measurement. People are friendlier to others on the other side of the world, texting hi and how are you. They no longer see the neighbourhood around them.

I half raised my hand as a greeting when they passed. They never noticed me or acknowledged my prescence. I was a technical ghost. As a real person, I did not exist in their cellular world.

Those are the internet junkies. They need it. They crave it. They buy any and all gadgets that they think they need. They will buy even knowing they will lose family time. It is an addiction. Like sheep they are led to the slaughter. Big companies pay millions…MILLIONS…to advertising companies. Those companies main job is to draw in as many clients as they can. They are paid to make us believe that we not only need something, we cannot live without it….no matter what!!! They have to fool you into believing the things were made because they like you. And we fall into the trap and end up with hundreds of useless gadgets. They are only…ONLY…making things to take your money. Sorry.

Next time you are out for a warm, summer’s night walk, remember this blog. Leave your gadgets at home and spend some time actually looking at your neighbourhood. Wave to a neighbour. Smile. You may just find you had a really nice time.

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Technical morons

Since I published my little bit about HD Television, my mail has been inundated by people wanting to advertise their gadgets such as Converters, satelites, and other things I have no idea what they are but they wish to ‘offer’…Needless to say, I refuse to post such things and on this blog, I am a goddess (in otherwords, it is my blog and I will do what I want.)

The ‘offer’ of course means they wish me or others to buy their fancy technical thingies so we can all watch ‘better’ TV.  Now, explain to me; Why would I want to advertise your wares, or even buy them myself, when you are not capable of reading a simple blog. Ok, I admit what I wrote was not Quantum Physics but it should have been easily understood by most, even geniuses. If you had read the introduction to the blog, you would have seen I specifically said ‘do not advertise’

If you had read the actual article ‘HD Television’ and not just surfed a word or two, you would have seen that I am against PAYING for anything to give me television, except for the television itself, of course. That is my first point. Second point, that little article was written with humour and in good fun. Oh, maybe you are just a wee bit too intelligent to get sarcasm or hmmm a joke? So let me be a bit more clear for those that are geniuses and cannot get normal human humour…Q:Why the heck would I want to pay for television?…A:I do not…A:I do not want to pay for television…A:I do not want to pay for commercials…A:I do not want your gadgets so I can see more reality television with someone doing someone while cheating on someone else who is cheating on another that is doing it with another etc etc etc. That gives you 4 good answers…chose one or all of the above.

I hope that made it all very clear. The only spam I want is in a sandwich (and I would rather have steak)

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HD Television

I bought a new box of wine today. Yes, a box. It is a 4L box of a nice dry white wine made here in Quebec. Quebec has a fine wine choice comparable with the California wines. Our season is very short so, of course, our quantity is quite limited as to the amount my province can produce in a year. As such, exports of our wine is extremely limited. We prefer to be a little greedy about keeping such an excellent quality of wine for ourselves. If you ever come to Quebec, be sure you make it a point to taste some of our fantastic wines.

And you say, “What the hell has that to do with Technology,” which is the topic of this Blog Category. And I say, “Good question! Now shush and let me tell you.” heh.

The box of wine is about 6 inches x 12 inches and maybe 3 inches depth. On the box is a notice, a small square of information. It says: Un Téleviseur Plasma HD 50 Pouces A Gagner Instantanement. Losely translated, that means that inside this box of wine is a chance to win a 50 inch Plasma television INSTANTLY. Imagine that! Right inside this lil box!

As of August 31st, 2011, I will no longer have a television due to the new changes demanded by ‘my’ government. They are demanding that we change from Analogue to Digital. Which means buy a converter, buy cable tv, buy bye tv. I am a person who watches tv very rarely and it uses Rabbit Ears. I never saw the reason to pay for 700 channels with nothing on. I have never liked the idea of having to pay for tv when I am also watching commercials. Something rubs me the wrong way about that. When cable first came out, they ‘almost’ promised that we would have shows with NO commercials since WE were paying for the service itself.  People were very disappointed in cable but they got used to the commercials and now it is considered normal. Will I miss tv? Surely, but I do have the same shows on computer. I will make do.

In a few moments I will be opening the box and drinking a little of this wine. I can’t help thinking how amazing technology is that it can fit a 50 inch Plasma television inside such a small box. Amazing! Anyways, wish me luck! … Santé, mes amis!

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Charity begins at home?

You can always tell when summer is finally here in my neighbourhood. When the good weather finally hits, they come knocking. Yup, I mean the charity folks. They come waving their pamphlets, spouting their words faster than you can keep up and saying everything EXCEPT what they actually want…money.

This month I have had 4 such people come to the door. Not one of them asked ‘What can we do for you?’ The first to show, I listened for a bit then said ‘no, thank you,’ but he continued on, and on, and on, until I finally left my window and he probably talked for another half hour or so before he realized I was gone.

A couple of days later, a man knocked on my front door. For safety, I do not answer the door, instead I answer by the window while I fight off my dog who seems to think those people are food (maybe she is right). Well, that man went on and on, all the while pushing a picture of a sad-eyed black child against the window screen, stating that I should look at the face, stating that I should feel sorry for this person, stating that I should help this person. Sure, I did feel compassion, who wouldn’t….but I also felt very intimidated and annoyed. Again I left the window and could hear him trying to get me back there to look again at the picture of the ‘starving child I really should help’…it was at least 10 minutes before he gave up.

Next it was some church group. Without saying hi how are you, they headed right into their speech about needing my help, etc, etc. I said ‘no sorry,’ and I have to say they at least took it well and thanked me for my time and left…surprising. They had woken me up and I maybe looked a bit scary with my wirey, uncombed hair and crazed pillow wrinkled face…I can hear, in my mind, their thoughts ‘demon woman, did you see that?’

Well, today a fourth ‘beggar’ showed up at my door, complete with pamphlets and fancy words. I let him talk for a bit and he explained how ‘people in our own neighbourhoods need help.’ So I listened a bit more. And yes, it was not long before he got to the point, they wanted my money, without actually saying the dirty word ‘money.’ He called it Aid, Support, Funds, and a few other fancy words. So I told him, being a little fed up with all the Charitable People that come knocking…’You can leave your pamphlet in my mail box there and I will look at it but I will tell you right off that I do not have a job, my fridge is empty, I cant afford to pay my bills this month and I am probably more in need of Aid than some.’ Needless to say, that man high-tailed it out of there….WITHOUT leaving me a pamphlet.

One day, perhaps, someone will come to my door and say they just want to help….’Is there something we could do for you?’….But, somehow I really doubt this would happen. Society has changed…there are no barn-raising parties anymore. Nobody brings you a casserole when you move in. I have never wanted charity, but it would be nice to be asked if there was something I did need…and I would answer ‘I need peace in my home without being made to feel guilty for all the world’s ills.’

As Good As It Gets – Jack at his best (and me when writing)

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Welcome to my mind!

I have decided to give blogging a chance. Being a fiction writer, I may have a little bit of trouble staying on subject when it comes to real life postings. All I ask is a bit of patience if I do go off on some ghostly tangent when discussing something important or if I have a different point of view than that of the masses.

The mind is like a fingerprint. Each of us is unique in our own way. I don’t expect you to agree with me on everything and I don’t expect that I will agree with all of your views. But…that is what makes life wonderful, isn’t it?

Like a fingerprint, some minds will be clean and some will be dirty. I only ask that you wash your hands before posting. Please keep your comments as clean as possible. Respect others,,,no facepalming.

Also, I must ask those that are readers not to post their advertisements or work on this blog. If anyone is going to advertise it is me. Lets not get all commercial about this. Posting of your work here will be deleted…to be fair to all.

Ok that should do it with all the rules and regulations. Other than the above, pretty much anything goes. Let’s have some fun!

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