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Today I was woken by the voice of a friend telling me to wake up. Confused by just waking, I looked out the window but nobody was there. Again I heard ‘wake-up’ and glanced at the computer. But of course, Skype. Love that feature of automatic answer and people talking to me but it will take some time to get used to. I hate ringing bells, dings, blurps and burps to wake me up. It is much nicer having the friendly voice of a friend. I really have to stop looking out the window of the house first though as that really confuses my dream-fluffed mind.

Most know not to wake me. I am a bear in the morning. This morning though, it was a really good reason. My friend had spotted a printer on sale at Walmart for only $20. Knowing I was in desperate need of a printer and have been a little low on funds to get a good one, she picked one up for me so I would not miss the sale. How exciting! Not only a new printer but I did not have to fight the humans in Walmart.

I was dressed and over there in 10 minutes, a world record for me for sure. She had bought one for herself, not wanting to miss a good deal and her printer being so ancient she had to feed one page at a time for it to work. We opened one of the boxes, all giddy as a child with a new toy. Immediately I saw a problem.

In the box was a printer, cord to wall plug, ink cartridges and a CD to instal it. There was no USB cord. They give you a cloth carrying bag that I guess I could use to get my groceries with but no USB cord! Not being totally computer smart, I did think there should be some way to connect it to the actual computer…duh? Ok, so a cord is missing. We checked the box and right there in plain print was the words saying you may have to buy a USB cord. Geezuz!!!

My friend scrambled through her drawer of ‘spare parts’ looking for a USB to fit. She had many but not the right one. Annoyed, she started to rave. She was going to take the ‘maudit’ thing back. Even my suggestion that it would not really be much to buy one threw her into a deeper rage. I must admit that the angrier she got also got me angry. Of all the stupidity. Give you a computer machine and include everything except the cord that connects it to the computer. Would it have been so hard for HP to actually include one? I guess so.

I told her to stay calm and went home to check my ‘parts drawer.’ Luckily, I found three. I immediately called her and told her to keep the ‘maudit’ machine and I would pass her one. Problem solved.

Regardless, shame on HP for causing such a dilemma. Imagine receiving this for a birthday present and not being able to try it out until you got to a techie store to try and find the right USB. Again, shame on you HP. You make a great product but your packaging ideas suck. You almost ruined a perfectly wonderful day.

PS: What a friggen great printer though. First try and it was printing like a charm.

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