Eden’s Truth


This book will probably anger the scientists…and to the archaeologists, I humbly ask their forgiveness as they fill in the blanks and correct my errors in their own minds. To the religious people, this book may possibly upset them so that they may wish revenge. To them I only ask that they open their minds and accept the truth as it is written. The story is based on real people in real times past, and written down to the best of my ability, as I remember it. The story is written to finally bring science and religion together, as I explain Eden’s Truth with the true story of the Garden of Eden… Eve

About Susan May Gudge

Susan May Gudge is a writer of fiction books. Born and raised in Montreal, she writes in an eccentric way that is sure to interest anyone that is interested in fiction. For more information on this writer, please visit her webpage at http://www.susanmaygudge.com
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