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Superstitious Nonsense

“Superstitious nonsense” is an expression that is usually declared before someone is proven wrong by fate, the gods or nature. Immerse yourself in this astonishing collection of 13 spine-chilling stories of 13 well-known superstitions. Each story is an extraordinary, hair-raising tale that will cause the reader to wonder…”What if…?”


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Eden’s Truth

This book will probably anger the scientists…and to the archaeologists, I humbly ask their forgiveness as they fill in the blanks and correct my errors in their own minds. To the religious people, this book may possibly upset them so that they may wish revenge. To them I only ask that they open their minds and accept the truth as it is written. The story is based on real people in real times past, and written down to the best of my ability, as I remember it. The story is written to finally bring science and religion together, as I explain Eden’s Truth with the true story of the Garden of Eden… Eve

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Blood Bride

The Vapirian are an old race, older than humans. They are not Vampires, although their culture has left reminders behind that gave birth to many of the vampire legends known on Earth. The planet Vapir is a dimly lit world under a violet sky, a blue sun and a buttercup-yellow moon. The journey to Earth takes a little over a year but is considered to be a very important part of the Vapir culture. The people of Vapir are not able to bear female children, so when a young man reaches maturity at one hundred years of age; he goes to Earth to search for a Bride.

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Ghost Generations

Ghost Generations

Ghost Generations

A young woman, the last of a long family line, visits the burial place of her ancestors, only to be met by their spirits as they come together to discuss the guilts, loves and mistakes of their lifetimes. A mystery surrounds the body of a child buried long before that fated meeting, separated from the burial grounds of the majority of the family. Who was the child? Why is he buried alone? A sad story, told simply and with respect, covering many aspects of human life over the decades of each generation.

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Life just hasn’t been the same since they removed poor Pluto’s status as a planet. I think it is time that we, the people of Earth, demand our Pluto be given back its Planet status. People all over the world mourn the demotion of our beloved Pluto. It was like when they removed the planet status, Pluto died. This cannot be!

“Well because it is not in the same plane as the other planets, it has an eccentric orbit, and there are other large asteroids that have similar orbits… it just was an accident of history that somebody spotted it earlier than the others” “There ya have it” Yup, that is the science part and I totally get it….but the heart…the heart…the heart says Pluto is a Planet and exists!!! Science be damned, give us back our Pluto.

Therefore, I think I will start a petition with this posting. Raise your fist in the air and scream that you will not allow our Pluto to be abused in this manner. Raise your voices and be heard.  Let the bigwigs hear your plea to give us back our planet with the cute name!


I, (yell out your name), here solemnly sign/adhere to the following Petition:

Reinstate Pluto to Planet status immediately.

*Post comment to add your name to this very important Petition!


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Health Care Rat Race

Ok, here I go. It is time to rave a bit about the idea of having an appointment. I was brought up to think that if you had an appointment, you should arrive early or at least on time. And, you were taken pretty much on time. Back then, the docs did pretty much everything on the spot and sent things off to labs. You walked out of your appointment knowing if you were going to live or die for another year, till next appointment. Such a concept does not apply to our heath care systems, no matter what country we live in. Here, it is free. Some of the ‘system’ believe we should just be happy with that and not complain. Mostly, I agree. I feel lucky not to have to really worry about paying to get sick if I didnt have the money ‘that week.’ But, damn, my butt is numb right now. Waiting room chairs are impossibly uncomfortable.

Let me lay it out. I went to the doctor today. Yes, I am fine and will live for awhile yet. Ok, yes, the cholesterol was way too high, as usual. But cutting out Poutine is definitely NOT an option. Anyway, that is another subject.

Last December I went to my doc for a little problem. Tests were done but everything was aces. I am strong as a horse. So that doc sent me to a stress test with another doctor. Most know what that is. I didn’t even break a sweat though and passed that test with flying colours. Since he did not find the problem either, he recommended a meter attached to me for 3 weeks. I did that, wearing a box on my hip and electrodes on my chest for 3 weeks. During that time, one spell happened. I ran the information from the box, through a telephone, were it was received by a hospital computer that could read the bleeps and screeches. Once done, I was told it would take 6 months for the results. 6 months!

A year went by and I wondered what the heck was wrong with me. I was perfectly strong except for about 10 minutes, once a week or so. During that time it was like I was dying. Very, very embarrassing at grocery stores and banks, btw. It really scares people when you just drop to the floor for exactly 10 minutes, weakly saying ”It will pass. It will pass.” Bystanders are actually funny. You can see they really, really want to help you, but their eyes also say they really, really want to run away as fast as they can. Deer in the headlights syndrome.

I received a call that my yearly appointment was due. Drove on over to the doc today. The doc has moved from this district. Since there is a huge shortage of family doctors, I have to now drive about 4 cities over to get to the appointment. Let’s say a good half hour drive with lots of traffic. I arrived at 1:30pm for my 2:00pm appointment. I was finally called in for my 2:00pm appointment at 4:30pm. You do the math.

When I got into the doc’s office I asked if the results were in for the box thing I had worn on my chest. I was told that the records were not there. Because the doc sent me to another doc, I was to get results from the other doc. Who I barely knew, btw, since the first doc has been my doc for over 10 yrs. A really good doc.  So I asked if the records could be had from the other doc, for the first doc to read. I was told no. Now get this…

In order the first doc to get the results from the second doc, that the first doc recommended, the second doc had to have a paper signed by me giving permission to the second doc to give the results to the first doc. Still with me? That paper had to be supplied by the first doc to the second doc. So, although I went to find out results, I ended up having to sign a paper for the first doc to give to the the second doc or make an appointment (and wait again) with the second doc.

I got back in the car  and realized I had gone a whole 3 hours without a cigarette. So I lit one up. My friend, who had also had an appointment, immediately lit up too. We looked at each other, laughed, and said at the same time…”WTF, poutine?” It has become a yearly tradition. After all the hulla-balloo of the yearly appointment, we deserve the traditional poutine. Then, we can try to be more careful for the rest of the year. Sort of, heh.

Treat your bodies well, as they are the only ones you’ve got. But also remember that you may live longer, waiting in waiting rooms with very hard chairs. Probably, if you added it all up, the extra time you would get to live was all spent waiting for appointments.

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Technology and Writing

Ok, people, lets get one thing straight; I am not a techie. For those that have written recently with comments such as ‘your blog loads too slow’ or ‘the RSS does not load right’ or ‘is your server ok’…all I can say is ‘Sucks to be you.’

It is not that I don’t care about you as a person or people, I just don’t know or care that much about computer operations. I am a writer, not a computer wiz. This blog is not being written to sell my books, although each and every sale is appreciated and every wonderful comment makes me want to hug the reader. So, if it does not work exactly right, I did my best. This blog is just a collection of random thoughts, a look inside my head, so to speak. If you can read it, maybe all of it, then I just hope you enjoy it. That is all I ask. If you wish to tell me I am wonderful, amazing, extraordinary, fantastic, interesting, or anything else, you will be my friend for life. I’m easy.

If you wish to complain, or give me tech advice, just know that I do not care. There is a complaint department in my house but the cat will not listen to you. The dog will not listen to you. The bird will not listen to you. The turtle will not listen to you. The goldfish will not listen to you. You see, they love me and just wish you did too. So, if you have something nice to say, I will be sure to pass on the message here in the blog. If you have something bad to say, I may print it out for the bird to use at the bottom of his cage (he is not picky about what he poops on) but that is as far as it will get. If you are having trouble getting pages or any other tech problem with my blog, then I repeat ‘Sucks to be you’

To all the others, I thank you for your kind words and ego boosting comments. It is you that makes my work worthwhile.


Susan May Gudge

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Manhattan 9/11 – 10 years later

In 2001, I toured the USA and Canada. 8 provinces and 48 states in a 4 month period and over 25,000 kilometres. I met with Virtual Reality people that I had talked with on an online chat program, Active Worlds, over the years. I slept in their driveways in my van, drank their coffee. It was an amazing zig-zag journey all over the continent. I had no set plans on where I was going and half the time I was actually lost. Being lost, I found the most amazing things.

I left California and headed East. I made it as far as Georgia, where I stayed with some friends. I phone my friend in Montreal saying that I was finally coming home, north. By then I had been on the road for a long time and was a bit homesick. But during the night, I had some terrible feelings. By morning, I phoned my friend and said I was going back to California. I drove like a maniac, hardly stopping. You could say I was driven while I drove.

I arrived at a friend’s place in California a couple of days later and was sleeping in my van in their driveway when I was woken by the friend pounding on my van. She was screaming and crying… “It is war…we are at war.”

I dressed quickly and headed up to their house. There on the TV was the destruction. Planes had hit the towers. We stood there, 3 of us, watching in shock. And then the towers melted. Like something out of a horror movie, they peeled back and fell…Never in my life had I seen such destruction as it actually took place. I will say we were in shock for days watching that television, not moving and hardly speaking, as the images repeated over and over, day and night.

If I had headed North that day, as I had said I was, I would have been passing through at exactly the time the towers were hit. Sometimes it is good to listen to our instincts, even if we do not understand them at the time. It has been many years since it happened but I still cry when I see the films. My heart goes out to all the families of the people that lost their loved ones on that day. It will never be forgotten.

Susan May Gudge


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Ink Jet Printers

Today I was woken by the voice of a friend telling me to wake up. Confused by just waking, I looked out the window but nobody was there. Again I heard ‘wake-up’ and glanced at the computer. But of course, Skype. Love that feature of automatic answer and people talking to me but it will take some time to get used to. I hate ringing bells, dings, blurps and burps to wake me up. It is much nicer having the friendly voice of a friend. I really have to stop looking out the window of the house first though as that really confuses my dream-fluffed mind.

Most know not to wake me. I am a bear in the morning. This morning though, it was a really good reason. My friend had spotted a printer on sale at Walmart for only $20. Knowing I was in desperate need of a printer and have been a little low on funds to get a good one, she picked one up for me so I would not miss the sale. How exciting! Not only a new printer but I did not have to fight the humans in Walmart.

I was dressed and over there in 10 minutes, a world record for me for sure. She had bought one for herself, not wanting to miss a good deal and her printer being so ancient she had to feed one page at a time for it to work. We opened one of the boxes, all giddy as a child with a new toy. Immediately I saw a problem.

In the box was a printer, cord to wall plug, ink cartridges and a CD to instal it. There was no USB cord. They give you a cloth carrying bag that I guess I could use to get my groceries with but no USB cord! Not being totally computer smart, I did think there should be some way to connect it to the actual computer…duh? Ok, so a cord is missing. We checked the box and right there in plain print was the words saying you may have to buy a USB cord. Geezuz!!!

My friend scrambled through her drawer of ‘spare parts’ looking for a USB to fit. She had many but not the right one. Annoyed, she started to rave. She was going to take the ‘maudit’ thing back. Even my suggestion that it would not really be much to buy one threw her into a deeper rage. I must admit that the angrier she got also got me angry. Of all the stupidity. Give you a computer machine and include everything except the cord that connects it to the computer. Would it have been so hard for HP to actually include one? I guess so.

I told her to stay calm and went home to check my ‘parts drawer.’ Luckily, I found three. I immediately called her and told her to keep the ‘maudit’ machine and I would pass her one. Problem solved.

Regardless, shame on HP for causing such a dilemma. Imagine receiving this for a birthday present and not being able to try it out until you got to a techie store to try and find the right USB. Again, shame on you HP. You make a great product but your packaging ideas suck. You almost ruined a perfectly wonderful day.

PS: What a friggen great printer though. First try and it was printing like a charm.

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